The Shape of Water has Inspired Me!

It’s been a while since I’ve been inspired to paint. There’s something about last fall’s election that has put a brake on my ability to paint, which I’ll talk about in a future blog.

But I’m happy to report that while enjoying my 7,000th or so sunset on the porch of my beautiful Lake Owasco, I’m looking at the way water changes in a new way. I’ve watched it my whole life, but there was something about it that struck me today

As I sit here, comfortable in my oversized Adirondack chair on the porch, I watched the color of the water change as the sun dropped in the sky from an azure blue to a warm green or aqua with silver highlights. It’s amazing to me that something that, if placed in a glass, is a clear bit of water, yet has the ability to change it’s shape, color, form and even its level of danger so rapidly. There’s a magical element that allows it to change almost like a chameleon with weather,  wind,  light, if you throw something into it, or if it’s churned up by a boat.

There’s something so mysterious to it. Of course, there’s a scientific explanation for everything, but we look at water all the time, and yet it’s rarely the same. And I would say that’s especially true for water of rivers, lakes and ponds. There’s a depth there that people don’t really notice or even look at that I’d like to capture.

I knew I was inspired when that feeling of wonder came across me that I always feel when the magical beauty of nature reveals itself to me in a new way.  I can’t wait to start putting together my inspiration board for this new series. Of course, it has to be a series.

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