Inspiration boards

You may have already heard me mention that I prefer to work in series. I like to immerse myself in a particular subject matter, almost marinating in inspiration so that I can then dive in and really plumb the various aspects of the topic.

Part of that process has always been putting together an inspiration board. I’ve always been a collector of bits and pieces of paper and other objects that inspire me. There are boxes of stuff that catch my eye, and my imagination. At least that’s what my inspiration is about. Figuring out what will catch the eye and foster imagination?

You can see pictured here the inspiration board for my Nebula series. It includes photos and drawings ripped from magazines, newspapers, brochures or photos of pages in books or objects I saw in real life that capture a particular composition, line, shape, color or feeling I want to repeat somewhere in my series.

This inspiration board will hang in my sightline the entire time I’m working as a reference both before and during the painting process.

What do you use to inspire your art? Or perhaps your work, life or hobbies?


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