Artist’s block: Getting back to my studio

Some of you may relate to this, and others may not. But I took it very hard when Donald Trump won the election last November. What surprised me and, I suppose, threw me for a loop, is that I had no idea why he was elected. It seemed impossible.

Now, that might send some artists running to their studio to lose themselves in their work. It took me in another direction. I felt compelled to get a handle on a) how it happened, b) find the right outlets to get factual information so I could stay abreast of what’s happening in politics and c) figure out which candidates I could support locally so I could feel I was doing my part to ameliorate the situation.  No more voting party line — I wanted to fully understand a politician’s platform and how it aligned with my values.

Until I had that information firmly in my grasp, I couldn’t turn my attention to art.  That seems to be a common thread for me. If I get too embroiled in what’s going on in the world, it makes it difficult for me to paint. I don’t have the mental space to fully invest in my art.

Now that I feel more tethered to firm ground as to what’s happening in the world, I can let myself go in terms of my art. I’m ready and it feels good to be back in the studio.

I’d love to hear what helps you get back in the studio — and what can keep you out.


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