Revealed: the Inspiration Board for my Water series

You may have read my blog post about the inspiration for my latest series: The Shape of Water. Once inspired, I get very excited about finding items to put on my Inspiration Board. As I’ve also blogged about, I use the Inspiration Board to guide me throughout the series, keeping me rooted in my subject matter and allowing me to really dive into expressing all of it’s aspects fully.

So, I’ve pulled out my box of photos, articles, etc. that I’ve ripped from magazines, newspapers, newsletters and even books, or I’ve downloaded them from the Internet, and pulled out anything that gave me the same feeling I felt as I watched the color of the lake change that beautiful August evening.

The result is a collection of ideas that will guide me through this process (see photo, above). There’s an iceberg with all the blues in there, and another of waves. There’s even a nebula here that reminded me of water.  I just find things I like that will relate to whatever it is that i’m working on .  I keep it in my view when i’m working.

What I’m looking for is a representation of the three-dimensional qualities to water, or a feeling that I get when I look at it that reminds me of the way I felt when I first noticed how light on water changed it’s qualities.

The painting I’m most eager to start on relates to the fact that blue-green algae is terrorizing the Finger Lakes in New York State. When you see it, it’s an almost beautiful, iridescent mix of blues and greens with some murky elements in the middle. The photo below most relates to that first painting that will represent the blue-green algae phenomenon.

I’m looking forward to getting started. I’m not sure when that will be, but soon.

Inspiration art

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